Hotel Splendid


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Senza-ustitolo-1.gif University of Colorado - Boulder, USA (April 24th 2018)

Senza-ustitolo-1.gif University of Miami Cineforum - Miami, USA (March 28th 2018)

 Un Film per la Pace Festival - Udine, Italy (March 2018)

Alpi Giulie Cinema - Trieste, Italy (March 8th 2018)

Khoroshkola - Moscow, Russia (February 2018)

Hotel Splendid

HOTEL SPLENDID film is an intimate and collective portrayal of life in a community of migrants from the African coasts who are living in a reception center for asylum seekers.v
It is an unprecedented glimpse into the daily experiences and operation of an Italian hotel turned into an emergency camp for refugees.
The film recounts the dramatic journey undertaken by the migrants to reach Europe, with its load of violence and abuse, and the itinerary that asylum seekers must follow upon their entrance in the camp until the evaluation procedure is over.

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Palmares AWARDS Palmares

GRAND PRIX - Festival Méditerranéen Cinéma et Immigration - Oujda, Morocco (Sep. 2017)

HUMAN FINGERPRINT AWARD third place, Human District Festival - Belgrade, Serbia (Sep. 2017)

GRAND PRIX "Golden Heart of Slavonia" - International Ethno Film Festival "The Heart of Slavonia" - Đakovo, Croatia (Jun. 2017)

BEST FEATURE-LENGTH FILM, prize "Gold Marzocco" Adriano Asti - Valdarno Cinema Fedic - Valdarno, Italy (May 2017)

BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM, prize Luciano Becattini, Valdarno Cinema Fedic - Valdarno, Italy (May 2017)

SPECIAL MENTION, Bastimento Film Festival - Bologna, Italy (May 2017)


 Un Film per la Pace Festival - Udine, Italy (Mar. 2018)
Alpi Giulie Cinema - Trieste, Italy (Mar. 2018)
cz Antropofest - Prague, Czech Republic (Jan. 2018)
Intimatelens Festival - Caserta, Italy (Dec. 2017)
Campania Film Festival - Saviano, Naples, Italy (Dec. 2017)
Senza-ustitolo-1.gif James Madison University - Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S.A. (Dec. 2017)
Festival delle Terre - Roma, Italy (Dec. 2017)
Senza-ustitolo-1.gif Society for Visual Anthropology (American Anthropological Association) - Washington D.C., U.S.A. (Dec. 2017)
Festival del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli - Italy, Naples (nov. 2017)
Germany One with a Movie Camera - International Ethnographic Film Festival - Marburg, Germany (Oct. 2017)
Terre di Tutti Film Festival - Bologna, Italy (Oct. 2017)
Macedonia Kratovo Ethnographic Film Festival - Kratovo, Macedonia (Oct. 2017)
Germany Filmfest Eichstätt - Eichstätt, Germany (21 Oct. 2017)
 Juba Film Festival – Juba, South Sudan (Sep. 2017)
 SIFEST Festival - Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy (Sep. 2017)
Festival Méditerranéen Cinéma et Immigration – Oujda, Morocco (Sep. 2017)
 Festival Internacional de Cine de Guayaquil –Guayaquil,  Ecuador (Sep. 2017)
Human District film Festival - Belgrado, Serbia (Sep. 2017)
Senza-ustitolo-1.gif AM Egypt Film Festival- Cairo, Egypt (Aug. 2017)
Senza-ustitolo-1.gif Lakecity Film Festival - Oguta, Nigeria (Aug. 2017)
 Oniros Film Awards -  Aosta, Italy (Aug. 2017)
Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival - Pärnu, Estonia (Jul. 2017)
International Ethno Film Festival "The Heart of Slavonia" - competition section, Đakovo, Croatia (Jun. 2017)
Chiala Afrika Festival – Graz, Austria (Jun. 2017)
Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico (MICE) – competition section, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Jun. 2017)
Festival “Interazioni” - Cinematheque of Rimini, Italy (Jun. 2017).
Tenemos Que Ver Film Festival - Montevideo, Uruguay (Jun. 2017)
Finnish Anthropological Society Conference 2017 “Entangled Mobilities” – University of Jyväskylä, Finland (May 2016)
Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology “Mediating Camera” – Moscow, Russia (May 2017)
Bastimento Film Festival – competition section, Bologna, Italy (May 2017)
Valdarno Cinema Fedic – “Marzocco d’oro” - competition section, Valdarno, Italy (May 2017)
Trento Film Festival - Eurorama Ethnographic Section, Trento, Italy (May 2017)
International Festival Days of Ethnographic Film (DEF), Ljubljana, Slovenia (Mar. 2017)
Festival dei Popoli, Firenze, World Premiere - Italian competition, Italy (Nov. 2016)
IDFA Docs for Sale catalog, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Nov. 2016)
European Heritage Days, Athens, Greece. Work in progress screening under the production title "Living Beyond Borders" (Sep. 2016)


Senza-ustitolo-1.gif University of Colorado - Boulder, USA (Apr. 2018)
Senza-ustitolo-1.gif University of Miami Cineforum
- Miami, USA (Mar. 2018)
- Moscow, Russia (Feb. 2018)
Istituto Comprensivo Statale Baccarini
- di Russi, Italy (Feb. 2018)
Senza-ustitolo-1.gifSymposium: Italy in Transit, Florida Atlantic University
- Boca Rato, USA (Feb. 2018)
Canada IRAP et CARL Movie Night, McGill University Faculty of Law
- Montreal, Canada (Jan. 2018)
Grecia Winter School "Migration in the Margins of Europe"- University of Amsterdam and Netherlands Institute in Athens
- Athens, Greece (Jan. 2018)
University of Bologna - Forlì campus
- Sociology degree course, Forlì, Italy (Dec. 2017)
Cinema Verdi
- Italy, Forlimpopoli (Nov. 2017)
Un posto nel mondo -
rassegna cinematografica - Varese, Italy (Nov. 2017)
Cyprus Peace Research Institute Oslo-Cyprus Office - PRIO Cyprus -
Nicosia, Cyprus (Oct. 2017)
Austria Langer Tag Der Flucht
- Graz, Austria (Sep. 2017)
Grecia "Contested Borderscapes: Transnational Geographies vis-à-vis Fortress Europe” Conference
- Mytilene, Lesvos island,
Greece (Sep. 2017)
GRAF San Donato
– Bologna, Italy (Sep. 2017)
Magazzino Parallelo
– Cesena, Italy (Sep. 2017)
Un altro sguardo - Film exhibition
- Russi, Italy (Jul. 2017)
Late Summer Party at Hotel Splendid - Ceseantico Italy (Sep. 2017)
 Cinema Multisala Eliseo - Cesena, Italy (Jun. 2017)
Museo della Marineria di Cesenatico - World Refugee Day, Cesenatico, Italy (Jun. 2017)
Sorrivoli Castle - Sorrivoli, Italy (May 2017)
Primary School "Dante Arfelli" - Cesenatico, Italy (May 2017)
Cinema Apollo 11 - Il Cinema che Cambia, in collaboration with ZaLab and Festival dei Popoli – Rome, Italy (May 2017)
IAL Emilia-Romagna, Scuola Alberghiera - Cesenatico, Italy (Apr. 2017)
Hotel Splendid - Cesenatico, Italy (Dec. 2017)

FilmSEMINARS, LECTURES, MASTER CLASSES Film Khoroshkola seminars - Moscow, Russia (Feb.2018)
cz  “Hotel Splendid – Representing Migrations through Ethnographic Cinema”
(“Gellner Seminars” series)
– CASA (Czech Association of Social Anthropology), AntropoFEST  –  Prague, Czech Republic (Jan. 2018)
ita “Etnografia delle società complesse” Conference  – SIFEST Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy (Sep. 2017)




7 Gold / Rete 8, "Aria Pulita", TV Italy, Sep. 2017 (in Italian)
RAI 3, “Buongiorno Regione”. Italian National Television, Italy, June 2017 (in italian)
ARS, 3rd channel, "World cultures". Radio Slovenija, Slovenia - March 2017
(in Slovenian)
Chouf TV Marocco, Oct. 2017
(in English)

Genre: ethnographic documentary.
Country: Italy.
Running time: 90 minutes.
Written, produced, filmed, edited by Mauro Bucci.
Featuring: Adama Sangare, Essa J. Darboe,
Baomar Touray, Maman Baldè, Osayuware Otenghabun.
Ethnic musics: Bojang Sarja, Adama Sangare, Roton Miah.
Translations: Mauro Bucci, Angela Brini, Liza Tripp, Ababakar Ka.
Thanks to: Asylum seekers housed in Cesenatico camp, CAD - Social Cooperative O.N.L.U.S.,
"No Borders" volunteers group, Chapel of Praise International.


Filmmaker and Researcher in Visual Anthropology
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