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Mauro Bucci is an Italian filmmaker and independent researcher in the field of Visual Anthropology. He wrote scientific essays about ethnographic films for the Italian cinema journal «Bianco e Nero», the anthropology journal «Visual Ethnography», and the Italian publisher CLUEB.  His latest essay has been published in Fall 2016 and is a chapter for the book «Looking with Robert Gardner» edited by W. Rothman, C. Warren and R. Meyers for the Horizons of Cinema series by State University of New York Press. His essay "Hotel Splendid - Representing Migration Through Ethnographic Cinema" is forthcoming for the scientific journal «Africa e Mediterraneo».
Mauro Bucci graduated with honours from the University of Bologna in “Dams” (curriculum Cinema) and has a diploma from the School of Visual Ethnography of ISFCI in Rome.
He worked as a one-man crew shooting video, recording sound, and editing footage for "Hotel Splendid", his first work as a cinematographic author.  The film recounts the lives of a group of migrants from the African coasts seeking political asylum in Italy.  The documentary, which was self-produced, was completed following 12 months’ of fieldwork, and is based on the ethnographic method of participant observation.



Filmmaker and Researcher in Visual Anthropology
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